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  1. The re-branding of one of the largest distributors of quality pet care products in the UK - The research and development of a new look for this company to reflect the quality of their products and their positioning within the industry.  Including product branding/packaging, stationery, advertising, leaflets and catalogues. 
  1. The marketing and promotion of landmark developments throughout the south - Stunning brochures, DVD’s, bespoke marketing suites and ingenious ideas to achieve sales – in good and not so good markets.
  1. The merging  of two global brand images in the world’s oil and gas industry - The merging of two successful brands into one – creating a new image which conveys the dynamism and synergy of the new company.  Including a new web-site, corporate literature, stationery, promotional items, exhibition displays – across three different continents.
  1. The marketing and promotion of one of the world’s leading providers of secure network services - Including the development of a marketing plan, the creation of a new web-site and the identity design and promotion of their new product offering - ‘Orama’.
  1. The marketing and promotion of restaurants and inn’s - Working with chains or individual establishments, using targeted mediums to promote events and special offers, design and production of menu’s and point-of-sale material  
  1. Corporate image and marketing packages for start-ups upwards in any industry - Such as Ice House Hire, who in just over one year have become a successful company hiring mobile refrigeration units.  The package included a corporate image, stationery, leaflet, point-of-sale and a web-site and cost under £5,000.
  1. A book to preserve the history of Beaumont Village - The research, design and writing of a historical work.  Prior to becoming a retirement village, Beaumont ‘Barracks’ was previously the world’s first hospital for horses, founded in the 1850’s.
  1. KingsOak’s Consumer Magazine – KUDOS - The design, writing and publication of KingsOak’s premier magazine – KUDOS.
  1. Total marketing services for a flagship private hospital - On-hand coordinated practical marketing including the design and production of signage, care manuals, consultant directories, product/service leaflets, direct mail and point-of-sale.

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